Berlin Hash #2005 – 12.01.2020

Hashers enjoyed a scenic r*n from Plänterwald along a series of canals (some covered in vivid green duckweed) that ledto Treptower Park and a beer stop with a view of the sun setting over the Spree. How awful… Both Lemmiwanks and CallGirl brought canine companions on trail, Shithead and Jack On Jack Off, but it was Call Girl who finally sniffed out thebeer after a long and thirsty search through the bush. Shithead earned his name by greeting Hairy Nipples with a paw tothe majesticles and welcoming Touched by Boobies with a good ole mounting. At the Beer Stop, Cock Teacher wasassisted by the hare, Short Fat & Black, in handling a large pole during a daring and heroic rescue of a plastic cup thatstrayed into the Spree obviously that earned them a down-down later. A virgin, Just Charlie, a citizen of the world witha past in Korea, New Zealand, Australia and England, tasted her first down-down and experienced her first circle. Andwhat a circle it was Justs Josh, Mike and Barbara witnessed a glimpse of what their futures might hold: a naming! JustPatrick was farewelled as Boobergeben was welcomed. After enthusiasm was shown for all four short-listed names, theReligious Advisor was forced to make a final decision. Runner-up names included Reverse Breastfeeder, Lusten forNutten and Isaac Nutten. Shout-Out to Boobergeben for taking a proper baptism in the middle of Berlin winter not thathe was given much choice. And a special mention must go to High Octane who hared her second ever trail. Severalhashers took the S-Bahn to Ostkreuz for a beer and a feed at the spontaneous OnIn at Straßenbräu.
Hares: Short, Fat & Black and High Octane
Location: Plänterwald
Beermeister: Kiss Me Kindl
Religious Advisor: Check my Hairy Nipples
Scribe: Check my Hairy Nipples
Participants: Sauerkraut, Boobergeben, Touched by Boobies, Call Girl, Lemmiwanks, Runs from Sex, Dirty Berti, Cock Teacher, Symphomaniac, Full of Spunk, Just Charlie (virgin), Just Barbara, Just Mike.
Hasher Count: 17