Berlin Hash #2008 – 20 Years of Semen

Semen on the Pew commemorated 20 years of hashing with a trail at Potsdamer Platz. Semen has meticulously documented every r*n he has ever attended and the count stands at 1231 r*ns with 95 kennels in 63 cities and 29 countries. Not to mention he has hared 126 times, taken on the roles of RA, GM and even founded (!) a hash in Mexico.
Congratulations Semen!
Trail got off to a slow start because of a difference of opinion between the hare and the Beermeister as to the startlocation. Thanks to front running bastardry from Vagina Destroyer and Ringpiece we quickly found trail and made up forlost time, even if a multitude of L2 checks ensured that the FRBs never got too far ahead of the pack. At the final L2check we got to know two of our Justs a little more intimately. One commented on how much he was enjoying the bush,although, as he assured anyone who would listen, it’s not his usual preference (Put your Left Leg was sung to him later),while the other recalled her most fond childhood memory peeing outdoors. This left the rest of us feeling pretty goodabout our childhoods.
The weather outside was frightful, which was fittingly sung to the Religious Advisor after some debate about where toform circle (this time a difference of opinion between the BM and the RA). We opted for a car-park next to a tent wherewe could keep our belongings dry this turned out to be ever so mildly problematic. Both Semen on the Pew andFellowship of the Cockring took Down-Downs for failing to wash off signs of the previous night; Semen was even therecipient of a new song In the Navy. We met two new virgins from Boston and Capetown whose favourite positionsinclude CEO and reverse cowgirl and these two brought the Just count to five. The aforementioned problematicism cameto a fore and circle ended quite abruptly. Never mind, we packed up and moved on to the On-In hosted by Semen wherebeers and Chilli con Carne were enjoyed. A couple of hashers were brought to tears by High Octane, who may have beenabsent in person but was certainly present in spirit, channelled through her famous hot sauce.
Hare: Semen on the Pew
Location: Potsdamer Platz
Biermeister: Kiss me Kindl
Religious Advisor: Check my Hairy Nipples
Attendees: Boobergeben, Fellowship of the Cockring, Full of Spunk, Hand in Horse, Just Barbara, Just Josh, Just Lauren,Just Melissa, Just Mike, Maria Phallus, Popo Peepshow, Rico Roofie, Ringpiece, Sauerkraut, Sex Trap, Symphomaniac,Twat High, Vagina Destroyer.
Hasher Count: 21
Scribe: Check My Hairy Nipples