Full Moon Hash #72 – 08.02.2020

Eighteen Hashers gathered at Treptower Park for a Saturday night Full Moon Hash! Normally, this r*n would’ve beenreferred to as “69+3”, but number 72 itself had something very special to offer. The Hare, Check my Hairy Nipples,explained how since he was 8 or 9 years old has had a fascination for number 72, and went on in a humoristic-nerdy wayto explain all the mathematical wonders of number 72: so many factors, it’s the sum of 4 consecutive primes (13 through23) and also the sum of six consecutive primes (5 through 19). Number 72 is also a pronic number, which means that it isthe product of two consecutive natural numbers: 8 and 9, and so on. All in all, 72 was presented as a perfect and magicalnumber. The trail was a Live-Hare, for which the Hare asked for a 5 minute head-start. So the pack stayed back at gloomyTreptower Park while enjoying a small shot of a ridiculously aggressive Schnapps that allegedly contained 72% alcoholwhile the Hare laid trail.
The pack took off and found their way along the Spree river in a westward direction, where they had a nice view of theMolecule Man, before entering Schlesischer Busch for a nice r*n stretch through the park. Then the r*unners crossed theformer border between East and West Berlin, across the Landwehrkanal, to enter Görlitzer Park for another concrete-lessstretch of the trail. The Hare had mentioned there was going to be a drink stop, but before finding it, at the exit ofGörlitzer Park with Wiener Strasse, Vagina Destroyer called a drink stop himself. He had a pink purse where he had arabbit and a cow finger puppets, and a lot of whiskey shot-size bottles. At the beginning, he demanded the male hashers toshow him their wieners in order to get some whiskey, and then he asked the girls to flash their boobs for booze. Some didit, some didn’t, but they all got some drinks. Apparently, also, Vagina Destroyer was asked by random people on the streetwhere he had gotten the purse from, and he told them he had stolen it from an old lady.
The r*unners continued the trail through Kreuzberg neighbourhood until the Lohmühlenbrücke, where the cold andimpatient Hare was waiting to offer the real drink stop. Amaretto and some more of the 72% drink were offered to warmup the cold r*unners under the burning light of the full moon. The trail continued east along the NeuköllnerSchifffahrstkanal and eventually the pack made it back safe to East Berlin near the Treptower Park S-Bahn station. S3 andNever Finnish got reunited with the pack for circle, and also Full of Spunk arrived for circle after missing the beginningof trail. Krusty the Meat Miser led the accusations round with heavily poured down downs and then the pack made itsway to the On-In at Check my Hairy Nipple’s and Boobergeben’s house to have an amazing lasagne and tiramisu cake.
Hare: Check my Hairy Nipples
Location: Treptower Park
FM Beermeister: Sixtynanus
Religious Advisor: Krusty the Meat Miser
Attendees: Boobergeben, Dumbledick (visitor from Ottawa H3), Fellowship of the Cockring, Full of Spunk, High Octane, Just Barbara, Pissout, Never Finnish, Pasta in my Pants (visitor from Rome H3), Popo Peepshow, Rico Roofie, Ringpiece, S3, Symphomaniac, Vagina Destroyer.
Scribe: Sixtynanus
Hasher Count: 18