A drinking club with a running problem

Since 1979, the Berlin Hash House Harriers has been laying some of the shittiest trails in Germany!

Formed by members of the Royal Irish Rangers, in 1979, we've been going strong and drinking hard ever since.

Other hashes

Hashing is a worldwide phenomenon. It is the largest drinking and running social group in the world.


As well as Berlin there are hashes elsewhere in Germany:

There are a large list of European based kennels at https://www.hashhouseharriers.nl/eu-chapters and you can also find a large list of other kennels around the world too see: http://gotothehash.net/

BH3 Full Moon Run #80
BH3 Run #2043
BH3 Run #2044
Location will be announced
BH3 Run #2045
Berlin Nordbahnhof
BH3 Run #2046
Location will be announced
BH3 Full Moon Run #81
Location will be announced

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