Berlin Hash Events on Marathon Weekend 2022

The marathon is cumming!

For any racists among you, you may be aware that the Berlin Marathon is on Sunday, September 25th! After a few loooong years (we’re not even sure how many at this point), Berlin H3 is excited to make you all cum celebrate with us again!

As is tradition in Berlin, we will have a whole host of events for you surrounding the zippy-zipping of the racers. Some of the events will be zippy and all will be tipp(s)y, and there will be plenty of fun for turkeys, eagles, and walkers alike!

Bear in mind: Each event will be pay-as-you-go. Keep an eye on the website and Facebook for final locations and times. Get in touch with us if you’ve forgotten how to read (or maybe we’ve forgotten how to write some important details). There is no accommodation organized for this event, so if you don’t want to sleep under a bridge, you should organize yourself something. Proceeds from the weekend events will be donated to Berliner Kältehilfe.

H.AL.T. on Friday, September 23rd

On Friday night, September 23rd, the fun kicks off with a H.A.L.T. (Hashers Against Long Trails), starting at 7 p.m. in front of Humana at U Frankfurter Tor. Hash cash is 10 Euros, but there will be LOTS of drinking, and not so much running. Any extra from hash cash will be donated to the red dress charity.

Beer Mile on Saturday, September 24th

On Saturday, September 24th at 2 pm HST (Hash Standard Time), Czech my Hairy Nipples will ho-st Berlin’s 9th (not so) annual Beer Mile! Don’t know what a beer mile is? Google it! Nah, we even did that for you: The beer mile will be held at the Rose garden in Treptower Park: Rosengarten mit Wasserfontänen (near S Treptower Park). Hash cash is 5 Euros.

Marathon Beer Stop and Red Dress Run on Sunday, September 25th

During the marathon on Sunday, September 25th, there will be a beer stop for our race-y hash friends (and whoever else wants one). The area gets crowded (and some of our marathon r*nners are RACISTS), so the meeting is in front of the Ampelmann store across from Gendarmenmarkt at 11 am! Take the U-Bahn to Hausvogteiplatz. If you’re late you’ll miss the speed demons! Keep an eye on the website and the Facebook event for the exact location, it might move a little bit because it’s CROWDED. Look for the big H3 Beer Stop flag.

After the marathon will be the Red Dress Run! This will meet at the ALDI parking lot at Invalidenstr. 59 (near Hauptbahnhof) at 3:45 pm. Wear red, and celebrate our marathoners while drinking for charity! This year, we will be supporting Berliner Kältehilfe, because, well, you know, winter is coming.

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