Berlin Hash Homepage has moved

My dear fellow halfminds,

Welcome to the homepage of the Berlin Hash House Harriers. If you are a regular to this domain, you may have noticed that this page looks a little different. No need to be afraid, the most important content is still here: our hareline. If you are looking for hash trash, we might reboot that at some point. Or not.

Hopefully, we will be seeing you on one of our trails soon!

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Cyber Donkey Sex

One thought on “Berlin Hash Homepage has moved

  1. Greetings . . . I am updating the HHH Genealogy and came across some anomalies for the Berlin H3. Your logo shows 1979, and some old directories I have state 1980 or 1982. Do you have any documentation on the actual founding date for the Berlin H3. Also, any idea where Neil Cameron came from before moving to Berlin?

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