Berlin Hash #2006 - 19.01.2020

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

What a turnout! One of the largest groups ever seen at a winter hash showed up for a trail in Lichtenberg. The Hares and the Beermeister were both caught unprepared and underbeered. Thankfully, some last minute reshuffling and purchasing meant no one went home thirsty. At Chalk Talk the hares introduced a never seen before symbol, BB for Beer Barrier. After reaching BB, hashers searched for a beer hidden nearby and and were only allowed to continue trail once the beer had been located and drunk. Congratulations High Octane and Ringpiece for their eagle eyes, highly adapted to zooming in on a potential beverage. Between the two Beer Barriers was a second new symbol, an exclamation mark! This marked a dicey canal crossing that was cleared by a few hashers in a single bound. Most hashers opted to bypass this peril and found a safer crossing up the road. Shortly after these safety-first Hashers rejoined trail, Berlin’s greatest elevator was discovered next to a check – this elevator moved not only vertically, but also horizontally. Given the possibility that trail required a ride on this mesmerising contraption, many crammed in and pressed the button. Just as the doors were closing, On On was called in a different direction but it was too late. These lucky hashers enjoyed a cramped up-sideways-down ride to the other side only to have to immediately make the return journey.

The wa*kers were the first to arrive at Beer Stop but they thought (yes, big mistake) that the runners had already finished their beers and moved on. This resulted in a lengthy wait back at Hash Car until the pack arrived. At least it allowed time for the Beermeister and one of the Hares to acquire more beer. Berlin's newest Religious Advisor, Full of Spunk, allotted Down-Downs to the many long-time-no-sees, to the thinkers on trail, to Cock Teacher for corrupting song lyrics and to Symphomaniac for volunteering the wrong run number when no one asked her (amid myriad other crimes). On summoning the Virgin Nina into circle, the RA was ever-so-slightly stymied by her quirkiness and unwillingness to give any direct answers. Finally we discovered her name and that she likes money. A round of social drinking in the dark followed circle. If there was an unofficial OnIn, the scribe knows nothing of it, because he jumped on his bike and fucked off home.

Hares: Boobergeben, Check my Hairy Nipples

Location: Lichtenberg

Beermeister: Hot Climax

Religious Advisor: Full of Spunk

Scribe: Check my Hairy Nipples

Attendees: Cock Teacher, Dirty Berti, High Octane, Just Barbara, Just Charley, Just Mike, Just Nina, Just Oliver, Just Salomé, Lemmiwanks, Maria Phallus, Mopedophile, Mr Bean, Reamer Screamer, Rico Roofie, Ringpiece, Runs from Sex, Sauerkraut, Short Fat & Black, Sixtynanus, Sperminator, Symphomaniac, Top Half, Touched by Boobies, Vagina Destroyer

Hasher Count: 29

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