Berlin Hash #1997 – 24.11.2019

Just Whatever Twat was joined by Dirty Berti in laying a beautiful winter forest trail in Buch. This was one of the fewtrails at which Dirty Berti was not accompanied by his better half. He promptly made the most of the situation, handingout his phone number to everyone (supposedly in case we got lost in the dark woods). We enjoyed a drink stop at aviewing platform in the forest overlooking wetlands. Amaretto and an odd tasting Bavarian white spirit, distilled from theroots of a rare and magical mountain plant, were on offer. Despite getting lost and missing the last 2km of his own trail,Just Whatever Twat was awarded a down-down for most improved layer we were pleasantly surprised that there was infact flour and blobs and a trail to be found! The RA celebrated his Birthday, was presented with red shoes by Sex Trap andHot Climax (late-cummers!) and you can guess what followed…
Hare:                                 Just Whatever Twat and Dirty Berti
Location:                          Buch
Beermeister:                    Mango Sucker
Religious Advisor:           Check My Hairy Nipples