Berlin Hash #1994 – 03.11.2019

The weather looked grim but our religious advisor pulled through and another large hash turn-out enjoyed a dry r*naround Rummelsburger See and the quaint back-streets of Rummelsburg and Victoriastadt, a stark contrast to nearbyFriedrichshain. Maria-Phallus joined the Berlin hash for the first time and was promptly misidentified as a kiwi by herfellow countryman Lazy-Licker. After one of the great chalk-talks of recent times, the impatient hashers set off beforelate-comers Dutch-Ditch-Bitch and Piss-Out could get their gear in the hash car. Our wa*kers played the role ofpackhorse and didn’t take long on their leisurely stroll to the pub and enjoyed a Glühwein while waiting for the rest of thepack. Good thing too their early arrival gave the bar staff of the aptly named Die kleine Kneipe a little forewarning. Ashort run back to the meeting point was followed by social drinking and circle. The hare drank and drank again. Somewa*kers seemed to be under the illusion that a wa*kers’ trail ought be longer than 2km. Who’d have known? Mr Beanthought it was the perfect length that didn’t stop him from taking a couple of pisses en route. This week boasted strongAustralian and American contingents (Hairy-Nipples, Lazy-Licker, Maria-Phallus and Just-Theresa from Oz; Semen onthe Pew, Piss-Out, Lemme wanks, Just Josh, Popo-Peepshow and Fellowship-of-the-Cockring from the land of seppos).Lazy-Licker’s introduction of an alternate anti-Australian song to the tune of Land Down Under received a mixedreception and was promptly followed by the classic, I guess hashers are creatures of habit. More beers were enjoyed at theOnIn at Strassenbräu where Krusty-the-Meat-Miser and Just Eta also graced us with their presence.
Hare:                                  Check-my-Hairy-Nipples
Location:                            Ostkreuz
Beermeister:                      Kiss-Me-Kindl
Religious Advisor:             Top-Half
Piss Out, Dutch Ditch Bitch, Runs from Sex, Just Kathrine, Just Ben, Just Danny, Deep & Dirty, Sperminator, Mr Bean,Wee-Wee, Body of Desire, Lazy Licker, Semen on the Pew, Just Josh, Lemme Wanks, Popo Peepshow, Fellowship of theCockring, Just Theresa, Maria Phallus, Touched by Boobies, High Octane, Short Fat and Black, Hand in Horse, JustMikkel, Symphomaniac