Berlin Hash #1993 – 27.10.2019

Our first winter run for the season came and passed and, as far as we know, all hashers successfully noted the time changeand turned up for a 14:45 start. Perhaps we’re not such a bunch of half-minds after all. Alternatively, several appeared anhour late and headed to the pub, ashamed and too embarrassed to reveal a very good reason for a down-down. Theconfused hares somehow managed to lay no less than three trails sadly none of which included a beer stop. Not toworry. Some of our wa*kers took things into their own hands creating an unplanned beer stop, proceeding to lose theirway and allow plenty of social drinking time for the rest of us, before we finally started circle (without them). Looking atyou Lazy Licker, Cock Teacher, Dirty Birdy and Oktoberflesh. Being the hare, we might have expected Oktoberflesh tofind trail. Last I checked, whooping cough affects the upper airways rather than the hippocampus. Never-the-less, bravo isin order for laying trail in a diseased state and a half-way acceptable excuse for refusing down-downs. Given theexceptional circumstances, Oktoberflesh allocated each down-down to another hasher Call Girl being the mainbeneficiary (/victim?). The runners’ trail ran rather smoothly. Aside from some front-running-haring, not too manycomplaints to be made. The view from the top of Humboldthain was acceptable and the r*nners set a cracking pace,seldom seen at a Berlin Hash. Three virgins were soon no longer to be after their initiation. Welcome Justs Ole, Eta andMikkel from Germany, Ireland and Denmark, whose favourite positions include doggy style, cow girl and with pizza. Wehope to see you again. Visitors Just Dan and Dutch Oven were also welcomed. As the sun went down, beer and animpressive repertoire of songs were enjoyed by all. 69anus and Rico Roofie got it on cow girl style as punishment for sexon trail and Krusty the Meat Miser was joined by Upper Crusty who was joined by Top Half who was joined byOktoberflesh in a chain of if one Krusty/Top Half/hare drinks… After one of the larger turn outs in recent times (upwardsof 30), many hashers headed to the nearby BrewDog for a tasty ale or seven and some strangely named pizza.
Hares:                                Top Half and Oktoberflesh.
Location:                           Nordbahnhof
Beermeister:                     Sex Trap and Hot Climax. Plus credit to Almost Fizzled for pouring
Religious Advisor:            Check my Hairy Nipples
Lazy Licker, Symphomaniac, Sex Trap, Hot Climax, Rico Roofie, Piss Out, Just Josh, Just Theresa, Just Dan, Just Eta,Just Mikkel, Dutch Oven, Bobolicious, Sauerkraut, Cock Teacher, Dirty Birdy, Semen on the Pew, Semen’s daughter,Sperminator, Mr Bean, Krusty, Upper Crusty, Call Girl, Racing Lobster, Just Oliver, Almost Fizzled, Short, Fat & Black
Scribe: Check my Hairy Nipples