Full Moon Hash #71 - 10.01.2020

Fourteen hashers gathered at Schönhauser Allee for a lovely Friday night Full Moon Hash: it was not that cold, nor that wet (Thanks, RA! – or should we thank Global warming too?). Just like at many other FM Hashes, this was a live-Hare trail. And to most of the pack’s surprise, Ring Piece asked the group for a cheeky 10 minute head-start to lay trail, instead of the usual 15. Anyhow, less than 5 minutes after the Hare’s departure, the crowd started to get impatient by waiting in the cold. Finally, with less than 7 minutes head-start, the impatience of the pack got to its limits and everybody ran off trying to catch the Hare (as the main priority).

The second priority of the trail became not to loose Hot Climax, who had the keys to her apartment, where she very kindly allowed everybody to drop their bags. And it was really ridiculous, because less than 100m in, the 13 r*nners were completely confused by some fresh flour marks on the trees, until the trail quickly stopped having any sense. It took the pack nearly 20 minutes to figure out the correct way. Everybody but Sauerkraut (who was determined to find some logic in the latter mentioned blobs) made it safe to the first Späti-beer-stop – which was just 500m from the starting point! Those Pilsner beers were highly appreciated! It was then very clear that the confusing blobs were from the Christmas Hash Hangover Stroll from December 8th! How on Earth did those blobs still look that fresh?!

The pack of r*nners (still without Sauerkraut) set off again after the Hare through scenic Northern-Prenzlauerberg neighborhood. The trail then led to this time’s Touched by Boobies’ favorite street name: “Westerlandstr”, where there was a check. While Symphomaniac was looking for the true trail, Touched by Boobies and Pissout sang out loud the lyrics to Westerland (presumably from “Die Ärzte”). Therefore, nobody was able to hear the “On-On”, but, anyway, Symphomaniac had to come back because apparently there was an “X” after the 3rd blob. Then, the pack found it’s way to a very refreshing 2nd Späti-beer-stop, where Sauerkraut magically appeared!

After a second well earned refreshment, the pack teleported to Scandinavia. The final stretch of the r*n took place through Nordic-named streets, where the exotic embassies of Cuba, Eritrea, Ghana, Cabo Verde and Bosnia-Herzegovina were spotted. The wind then blew as hard and cold as if the crew were really up north and – while suffering the weather inclemencies – an unofficial Hash Flash was taken with a female Viking statue at the “Spielplatz an der Norwegerstr”. The crossing of the Schwedter-Steg pedestrian bridge was fantastic, after which Sixtynanus and Semen on the Pew stopped to take a leak. They lost the end of the pack, became official DFL’s, abandoned trail and r*n straight back to Hash Home.

On the way back to Schönhauser Allee, the great Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark (stadium right next to Mauerpark) was spotted. This is the home turf of the Berliner FC Dynamo, that nowadays play in the Regionalliga Nordost (4th tier of German National Football), but that once played in the highest tier of former GDR Football. Unofficially known as a Stasi-Club, the BFC Dynamo was the most successful team in the GDR during the 42 years of split history of German Football, with a total of 10 league titles - actually obtained consecutively - between 1978 and 1988.

Back to the Hash, Semen on the Pew and Sixtynanus were not sure (but assumed) that they had finished before the rest of the pack, and decided to wait at the Schawarma place next door from Hot Climax’s. A Schawarma was presumably eaten while waiting. After waiting for too long, Sixtynanus rang the doorbell and found out that the rest of the group were already upstairs at Hot Climax’s moon-burn-free apartment, getting ready to start circle. After missing the last Full Moon Hash, Krusty the Meat Miser resumed his newly appointed role of FM Religious Advisor. There was a controversy at the very beginning, as the RA awarded the same song (you’re not number 5, 4, 3, 2… you’re number “1”) to both the Hare and the DFL’s. At the end, the crowd exonerated the RA from a big violation because the second time he did sing it rather slowly, matching the DFL’s r*nning pace. Sauerkraut got a big, fat down-down for going missing for most of the r*n, and for the 2nd or 3rd time there was a failed attempt to name Just Josh… maybe next time, lucky boy! The On-in took place at März, where F7 spectacularly celebrated her 40th birthday in a golden gown. No-show Hashers: F1, Callgirl, Full of Spunk and Top Half were also there.

Hare: Ring Piece

Location: Schönhauser Allee

FM Beermeister: Hot Climax/Ring Piece

Religious Advisor: Krusty the Meat Miser

Scribe: Sixtynanus

Attendees: Check my Hairy Nipples, Symphomaniac, Sauerkraut, High Octane, Semen on the Pew, Touched by Boobies, Lemmiwanks, Pissout, Just Josh, Dutch Ditch Bitch.

Hasher Count: 14

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