Berlin Hash #2002 - 22.12.2019

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

T'was the Sunday before Christmas and all through Berlin, the Hashers were hungover from beer, wine, and gin... ok mostly just from Glühwein thanks to the previous day's Weihnachtsmarkt visit. So did we want to run? No! Did we want more Glühwein? Absolutely! And so a group of festive half-minds managed to show up at Klosterstraße wearing Santa hats. We're such a coordinated bunch!

Being typical non-thinking hashers, Sperminator and Full of Spunk had trouble counting to seven. Dirty Bertie began showing around a slip of paper – no, not his phone number this time. It was a note saying he had laryngitis and couldn't talk! But nothing a Glühwein can't fix. Hope you feel better soon!

Hot Climax got us circled up for chalk talk – only there was no actual chalk. Nor would there be a real trail! But a walk through the Christmas markets sounded good to our lazy asses too. Too bad we couldn't count it as a live trail and pants her, though!

And we were off! On a shortcut through a mall, Santa caught High Octane's eye, but it was Suck My Dummy who went up on stage with him to serenade the crowd with "Oh Tannenbaum". We're just really glad he didn't break into "Jingle Balls" 😅

We finally made it to the market at Alexanderplatz... oh man was it crowded. But thanks to our hats we stuck together and quickly found a whole table to ourselves. Latecummer Just Josh even managed to find us, rocking up half a Glühwein deep already. We enjoyed plenty more Glühwein and stronger variations thereof, plus homemade Christmas cookies – many were decapitated or deoculated at the hands of Just Oliver.

For a change of scenery, we eventually moved on to the beautiful Nicolaiviertel where several harriettes got a crash course in contortionism trying to use a späti toilet. The rest took advantage of the Feuerzangenbowle outside... so yum! Apparently there's a movie named after the drink or the drink is named after the movie...we were getting confused by this point.

On the way back to Hash Home, about a third of the pack (ok mainly Just Josh) got distracted by majestic, glistening horse balls and lost the others. Boobies had to then commit a technology infraction and RU the others via WhatsApp.

Back at circle, we noticed Dirty Bertie had ghosted us! The hare proceeded to RA circle herself and the usual circle shenanigans followed – beer was drunk, elbows were pointed, visitors were welcomed. Accusations were repeated so more beer was drunk. Your scribe was given many down-downs so the rest of the details are fuzzy. Hashy Christmas, you filthy wankers!

Hare: Hot Climax                               

Location: Klosterstraße                        


Religious Advisor: Hot Climax

Scribe: Touched by Boobies         


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