Full Moon Hash #70 - 12.12.2019

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

The 70th Full Moon run of the Berlin Hash got off to a shaky start with ever so slight confusion about the start point. But we forgave our hare Almost Fizzled, especially since he was roped into laying trail at short notice and not given much of a choice. Somehow word got around that he had volunteered at the previous Full Moon (which he, in fact, didn’t attend). Ring Piece, Hairy Nipples and Semen on the Pew might have been involved in this rumour mill. Trail started at Frankfurter Tor and we were joined by two visitors (lucky we stuck to the original location!) Bodsa and McCavity from Scotland. Our pack slowly grew throughout the night with fifty shades of lateness starting with High Octane, who made it to chalk talk, Runs from Sex, beer stop, Sex Trap, before circle, Full of Spunk, during circle. We enjoyed a solid live trail with plenty of checks, a play stop and a night jog through a dimly lit park. Everything was going well until a check with two correct (3+ blobs) ways which both led back to blobs from 3 km previously creating a nice circle jerk. Almost Fizzled didn’t escape several down-downs for his crimes. Circle took place at the foot of one of many glorious GDR architectural masterpieces. 10 people, 20 beers, perfect numbers or so we thought until Full of Spunk decided to show her face. Cold, windy and dark... sounds like perfect conditions for the baptism of Mathstitute. She has been an avid hasher for the short time since her first trail a few months ago but is leaving for Queensland next week. Farewell, and fuck off! Makali, falafel or kufta were enjoyed by all at the OnIn followed by beer for most of the full-mooners.

Hare:                         Almost Fizzled

Location:                   Frankfurter Tor

FM Beermeister:      Ring Piece

Religious Advisor:    Check My Hairy Nipples

Scribe: Check My Hairy Nipples

Attendees:                (in order of appearance) Almost Fizzled, Ring Piece, Check my Hairy Nipples, Bodsa, McCavity, Sauerkraut, Mathstitute, High Octane, Runs from Sex, Sex Trap, Full of Spunk

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