Berlin Hash #2003 - 29.12.2019

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

The last r*n of 2019 was attended by a bunch of smartly dressed hashers. A rare sight indeed! The black tie dress code was adhered to in various degrees – special mentions go to our hare Silent P, our GM Semen on the Pew, our RA Hairy Nipples as well as Just Patrick. Trail commenced on a frosty Sunday afternoon in Mitte. The temperature didn’t keep the crowds away and well dressed hashers enjoyed plenty of admiring and bewildered glances from the public. The hare was keen to escape the cold and make it pünktlich to OnIn at Clärchens Ballhaus and was guilty of a little front-running-haring. Because of this, or perhaps just due to laziness, the runners gave up and a lot of wa*king was enjoyed all round. At the coldest circle in recent history, two crates of beer sat lonely and watched on with sadness and jealousy as every hasher opted for warm Glühwein. At least a few down-downs were enjoyed by those guilty of crimes or circumstance. Following circle, most of the attendees took a quick walk to Clärchens Ballhaus for an OnIn. A little mismanagement on the part of the staff meant hashers awkwardly rubbed backsides with dancers on a full dance floor as we attempted (to no avail) to fit 16 hashers at an 8 person table. The situation soon resolved itself and sparkling wine, beer and food was enjoyed by all. A few hashers took to the dance floor to strut their stuff while the rest opted for the pleasures of alcohol, voyeurism and an ass firmly planted on a seat. What a way to see out a year of hashing.

Hare: Silent P

Location: U Weinmeister Straße

Beermeister: Kiss Me Kindl

Religious Advisor: Check my Hairy Nipples

Scribe: Check my Hairy Nipples

Attendees: Symphomaniac, Semen on the Pew, High Octane, Wunderbra, Mr Bean, Sperminator, Cock Teacher, Dirty Berti, Just Patrick, Call Girl, Full of Spunk, Sauerkraut, Long Overdue

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